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Office Package

We offer a package policy that is specifically aimed at the needs of paralegals.

Office Package Insurance Coverage Highlights

Property Insurance
Up to $100,000 Blanket Coverage on Contents of Every Description (including computer and related material).
Subject to a $1,000 deductible
Featuring: Included at no extra cost:
• “All Risks” Form
• 90% Co-Insurance Clause
• Replacement cost on Equipment
• Tenants Improvements
• Business Interruption
• $10,000 Extra Expenses to resume operations
• $25,000 Valuable Papers
• $25,000 Accounts Receivable
• Newly-Acquired Location
- Contents $250,000
- Building $1,000,000
• $10,000 Transit Coverage
• $10,000 Fire Department Charges
• Sewer Back-up
• Glass/Signs Included
• $5,000 Off -Premises Coverage
• Building Damage by Theft

Multi-Item Crime Insurance
Covering up to $10,000 per item
• Employee Dishonesty
• Loss Inside The Premises
• Loss Outside The Premises
• Money Order and Counterfeit Paper Currency
• Depositors Forgery

Commercial General Liability (Third Party Public Liability)
Inclusive Limit for Bodily Injury and Property Damage: upto $5,000,000 per occurrence
• Premises/Operations Liability
• Personal Injury Liability
• Advertising Injury Liability
• Broad Form Bodily Injury
• Cross Liability Clause
• Medical Payments ($5,000/Person)
• Non-owned Automobile Liability
• Employee Benefits ($1,000,000 limit)
• Employer's Liability extension ($1,000,000 limit)
• Employees as Additional Insureds
• Broad Form Tenants Legal Liability
• Physical Damage to Hired Non-owned Automobiles
• Property Damage Deductible ($1,000)

Premiums starting as low as $650 

* Residents of Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland, please add the following provincial tax: 8% Ontario Retail Sales Tax, 9% Quebec Sales Tax, 15% Newfoundland and Labrador Sales Tax, Other provinces are not subject to PST





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